More “Avengers 2” Video From South Korea, Plus A Corpse [VIDEO]

Hey, there’s more cool footage out of South Korea as Joss Whedon and his gang film The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron–and we’re supposed to be really excited that Captain America has a new outfit. We guess he does. It’s hard for us to be sure as we check out this footage of Chris Evans’ stunt double doing some old-fashioned practical work. It’s kind of nice to see a guy jumping off of cars on a highway instead of jumping around in front of a green screen. Of course, we say that as guys who don’t jump off cars on a highway.

Anyway, this is all pretty cool stuff–and SPOILER, in case you weren’t sure Captain America survived the action of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is opening this Friday. In more Avengers 2 news: The film crew found a dead body floating in the river–maybe the same river in this video–while shooting a scene. We’d make a joke about the crew saving money, but the actual story is kind of sad. Now we feel bad for even mentioning it.

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