Cheerleaders of the 2014 NCAA Final Four [PHOTOS]


The Final Four is all set after another weekend of absolute madness. And while the entire state of Michigan is probably on suicide watch for the next few days, most of our office has already had our brackets busted since Louisville and Syracuse were bounced. Which means that we have no problems rooting for UConn and Wisconsin (UConn because we’re in the North East and Wisconsin because, honestly, f*ck Kentucky).

But if you have no ties to any of the four schools left in The Dance, then perhaps you should root for squads who have the hottest cheerleaders–the same strategy we suggested you follow at the beginning of March Madness. At an early glance, it looks like Florida and Kentucky have are early favorites to win the cheerleader portion of the Final Four, but Cinderella stories are what make these games so much fun.

So make sure to vote for your favorite cheerleading team in the polls below.

(1) Florida Gators vs. (7) UConn Huskies

AT&T Stadium | April 5th | 6:09 PM EST | CBS

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    Florida Gators Cheerleaders

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        UConn Huskies Cheerleaders

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          (2) Wisconsin Badgers vs. (8) Kentucky Wildcats

          AT&T Stadium | April 5th | 8:49 PM EST | CBS

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            Wisconsin Badgers Cheerleaders

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                Kentucky Wildcats Cheerleaders

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