Sage the Gemini: RSVP For The Coed/Peeps Out NYC Album Release Party

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Get ready for Tuesday night–that’s  Tuesday, March 25–to hang out with COED and PeepsOut as we celebrate Sage the Gemini finally dropping his full-length debut with Remember Me. We say “finally” because we’ve been waiting for over a year to hear Sage the Gemini follow up with last year’s Gas Pedal EP. And we’re celebrating with a record release party at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Manhattan’s Union Square (at 116 E 16th Street). Buy a copy of the Republic label’s Remember Me CD at the door, and that’s your ticket to join a two-hour listening party with an open bar.

Space is limited for East Coast readers, so go ahead and RSVP with an email at That’ll help get you in to enjoy a real party atmosphere as we enjoy the otherworldly brilliance of Sage’s innovative beats.You’ve already heard the slowly groovin’ genius of tracks like “Red Nose,” “Swerve,” and the Gas Pedal title track. Now join us in celebrating one of 2014’s most anticipated albums in one of our favorite Manhattan watering holes.

We’ll be celebrating Sage between 8 pm to 10 pm–but don’t think we’ll be kicking you out after that. The open bar will be closed, but we know that we’ll still be wanting to hear more of tracks like “College Drop”…

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