Reaction GIFs To Learning It’s Finally Spring

Reaction GIFs To Learning It’s Finally Spring

[Editor’s Note: I can’t believe we didn’t publish this yesterday. This is like my favorite post of the year. Sorry.]

Well, we made it to Spring, everybody.

We truly deserve this season, too. It’s been a long, grueling and all-around terrible winter chock full of something extremely evil called the Polar Vortex. However, the light is finally here. It is officially the first day of Spring and with this season comes day-drinking, playing sports in the park and COED’s personal favorite: the return of glorious¬†sundress season!

So, get outside today and rejoice! Make sure to enjoy the second best season next to Summer and remember, the warmer it gets, the less clothes we’ll all be wearing. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be heading straight to Happy Hour at 5 o’clock.

Oh happy day, indeed!

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