Bruce Willis’ Best Movie Poster Smirks To Celebrate His Birthday

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Yippee ki yay motherf**ker! Everyone’s favorite bad ass, Bruce Willis, turns 59 years young today. We expect at least three more Die Hard in the next decade before you turn 70, Bruce…

Well, Happy Birthday, Bruce. In honor of you almost turning 60, we decided to throw together some of our favorite pictures of the signature “Bruce Willis Smirk.” Don’t ever change, we all wish we could smirk as great as you.


Bruce Willis during his The Kid smirk time


Hart’s War Era Smirker


Die Hard 4 Era


Cop Out Era, some more facial hair.


5th element era, not as smirky as usual


Another weird smirk for Die Hard 4


The earlier Moonlighting Era of smirk-dom

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