Is This New Daft Punk x Jay Z Song “Computerized” Actually New?

Is This New Daft Punk x Jay Z Song “Computerized” Actually New?

Everyone’s talking about the new Jay Z  and Daft Punk collaboration “Computerized” that hit the internet this morning, but no one’s really come out to say that it kind of sucks. It does. It sucks a big French robot dongle. So is this a sign that Hova and Daft Punk have finally fallen off?

No. It’s just a sign that someone got a hold of a previously unreleased track. Listen to it below.

Now let’s look at the facts:

• First off, it’s not very good. There’s no way in hell that a man in Jay Z’s position would release garbage like this without being paid $20 million up front. Same goes for Daft Punk who are even more anal about what they release and when.

• Second, it sounds dated. Jay Z makes references to Blackberries and iTouches. Who the hell uses either of those anymore?

• Third, the riff is actually a loop from the song “Son of Flynn” which was on the Tron Soundtrack. [source]

• Fourth, Pitchfork reports that they can confirm that the song is actually real (in that both Hova and Daft Punk were a part of it) but that doesn’t mean that it has to be new.

So everyone can sit back and relax. Neither Daft Punk nor Jay Z have started slipping enough where they feel that they have to release garbage to stay in the headlines. This was probably done without their permission.

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