UGA’s Pi Kappa Phi Creates Epic Spring Break Contract For Members

The boys and girls at UGA’s Pi Kappa Phi and Kappa Delta sure are making us proud with the contract that they sent out for the chapter to sign before their spring break trip to Alabama.

It’s been confirmed that it’s a total joke and not an actual binding contact. That’s what makes it so great. Pi Kappa Phi and Kappa Delta are going to the amazing spring break mecca of Gulf Shores together–and they decided to send around a hilarious joke contract for everyone to get on board with. Let us just say now, we extremely jealous of the fact that Pi Kappa Phi is partying with the totally hot sorority girls of KD. Check out some of these amazing rules: there will be no rest days, no one falls in love at the shore, and people should save water by showering with a friend (or two). Awesome.

Gulf Shores is already quite the amazing destination for Spring Break.  If you didn’t know that, you clearly haven’t checked our huge list of Trashiest Spring Break Destinations. Do us proud, UGA, and trash the hell out of your spring break.

Check out the full contract:



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