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Diana Morales Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Diana Morales is a gorgeous Spanish model who should be on your radar. She’s about as gorgeous as they come, so we’re not too sure how the internet is devoid of any/all information on her. Save for her fantastic photos and a board on Bellazon that originated four years ago, the only thing that has any substance on Diana is her Wilhemina New York Direct page.

But enough about what we don’t know, here’s what we do know. Diana’s a regular for Nelly Lingerie and Frederick’s Lingerie, but has also done stints for Intissimi and a bunch of other women’s undergarments. We also know that we’re madly in love with her. So if you guys have any more information on this Spanish beauty, please shoot us an email to We’d be forever in your debt.

Nationality: Spanish | Measurements: 33C-24-34

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