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Nina Agdal’s Hottest Instagram Video And Photos Ever

Nina Agdal is everywhere at this point, so it really takes a lot for us to proclaim something as the “hottest” thing she’s ever done. But this Instagram video just posted by one of her make up artists certainly classifies as the hottest Instagram video we’ve ever seen of her.

I mean, she’s eye f*cking the camera while grabbing her who-hahs (is that the right spelling?). The video in question was posted along with the caption:

“This is for all of u out there a gift from me and Nina@Nina¬†Agdal HOT!!!!”

We’re a little upset that A) the guy who posted it completely botched tagging Nina B) and we’re left standing here with zero gifts to give. So in attempt to make things right, here’s our selection of her hottest Instagram photos she’s posted.

“This is for all of u out there a gift from COED and Nina@Nina Agdal HOT!!!!”

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