Sexy Russian Girls of #Sochi2014 on Instagram [PHOTOS]

Sexy Russian Girls of #Sochi2014 on Instagram [PHOTOS]

We won’t pretend that we’ve partied there, but it’s no secret that the Russian city of Sochi isn’t exactly a swinging locale. In fact, a lot of folks will tell you that naming Sochi as the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics was pretty much a timeless moment in the corruption of the Olympic International Committee. We won’t speculate about that. It’s no secret that a lot of journalists are getting unpleasant surprises after arriving in Sochi, but maybe people shouldn’t be so judgmental. We were in Atlanta for the 1996 Summer Olympics, and nothing went particularly smooth there.

Besides,maybe Sochi deserves a break. The place really is awfully close to a war zone, and maybe a city like Sochi can benefit from an influx of hot babes. We’re not just talking about imported beauties, either. Sochi is already drawing in an awesome new influx of ravishing Russian women.

That’s easily proven by hitting Instagram and taking a look at all the Russian gals who are already sending out hot pics with love from Sochi. We’ve compiled a pretty amazing gallery of hot gals who are ready to warm up the isolated city and do some serious beautifying. Some of them–like Irina Shayk–are already notorious. Others are regular Russian gals worthy of a gold medal in gorgeousness.

And they’re all displaying some serious Olympic fever. We’re feeling a little feverish ourselves checking out theses sporting dames. Or maybe that’s just some residual radioactivity. Oh, we’re just kidding. Sochi isn’t close to any place that’s had any atomic fallout. Now check out these pics that’ll make you want to get closer to Sochi…

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