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20 Hot Archery Babes For National Archery Day [PHOTOS]

It’s January 19 which means that it’s National Archery Day!

Everyone’s favorite holiday is finally here, so let’s all get our bows and arrows, go up to our roofs and fire some celebratory shots into the sky! OK, obviously you shouldn’t do that. Everyone knows National Archery Day is as much a celebration of archery safety as it is a celebration of shooting arrows into things.

We don’t know much about the history of National Archery Day, but we’re guessing that it’s become slightly more popular lately after the success of The Hunger Games books and movies. Although the common image of archers are medieval soldiers, it seems like women across the country are embracing this once forgotten sport. We couldn’t be happier about archery’s resurgence. Check out the gallery below and see if you agree.


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