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Claudia Dean Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Claudia Dean is a sexy English glamour model who should be on your radar. She’s the second consecutive woman we’ve featured on Radar who’s A) English and B) been photographed by Gavin Glave, but I’m not apologizing for anything because I have good taste and both Libby Smith and Claudia Dean are the opposite of the Polar Vortex (read: hot).

While she’s still relatively new to the scene, Claudia’s most recently been published in the holiday issue of Nuts Magazine. As you’ll see from her photos below, there should be a lot more work coming her way. No disrespect to our fine women stateside, but “UK Glamour models all day every day” is the motto that you should live by.

Age: 23 | Nationality: UK | Measurements: 32-24-38

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