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60 Playboy Playmates on a Bus for #PlayboyTurns60 [PHOTOS]

You can’t find a better way to promote the 60th Anniversary of Playboy than putting 60 Playboy Playmates on a double decker bus and taking them all over LA. Playboy never really did half-ass anything in their 60 years and it doesn’t look like they’re going to start now. The bus trip comes on the (high) heels of Kate Moss’s appearance on Playboy‘s 60th Anniversary cover.

The only thing that we’d change is putting Hef behind the wheel, but we can come up with a few reasons why that’s wouldn’t be the safest decision. Bunnies like Amanda Cerny, Kassie Logsdon, and Jaime Edmonson made sure that the whole world knows about the even by Instagramming photos of today’s trip with that hashtag #PlayboyTurns60.

Check out some scenes from the trip below.

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