The 61 Most Gangster Grandmothers In The World [PIC DUMP]

In case you needed further proof that your grandmother is much cooler than you are, here is photographic evidence that they’re the ones who put the “G” in “OG.” Whether they’re showing off their pieces (dimes or otherwise), pimping hoes, clearing bongs, doing keg stands, or just getting turn’t up, a real gangster grandmother will never pass up the opportunity for a good photo op because they never know if they’ll live to see another day. That’s just how hard it is on the streets.¬†And how cold it is in this room (why don’t you ever turn up the heat?).

The sad news is that for all the hilarious gangster grandmother photos we found, we’re still missing the best: yours.

Check out funny photos of the world’s most gangster grandmas in the gallery below.

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