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Guy Eats Urinal Cake New Year’s Eve: Instant Man of the Year [VIDEO]

Yes, this is a video of a guy eating a urinal cake to win a meager bet this past New Year’s Eve. He’s an Englishman, so maybe it’s a delicacy over there. Or, you’re thinking, maybe it’s a blatantly fake video. We thought about that, too–but, see, that could’ve been the English equivalent of a Twinkie that had been shaped into a urinal cake and put into the toilet with all of the other urinal cakes. Then, however, we’d be marveling at the video of the guy who ate the English equivalent of a Twinkie shaped into a urinal cake and put into the toilet with all of the other urinal cakes.

So that’s pretty nuts, right? The wager was for a big £10, by the way. We think that works out to about $14 in American currency. Yeah, we’d pay $14 to avoid eating a urinal cake. Or a real cake shaped like a urinal cake that hadn’t even been placed in a toilet. But that’s why we are not the Man of the Year like this guy–who, we’ll note, is a very handsome man. Which is important, because the COED staff has enough strikes against us without trying to make out with gals while being known as The Guy Who Ate A Urinal Cake. So there’s another good reason not to do that.

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