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The 50 Sexiest Photo Shoots of 2013 [PHOTOS]

We publish a lot of sexy photos here at COED (and see even more), so it really takes a lot to impress us. And if you plan on making the cut for the all-important “50 Sexiest Photo Shoots of the Year” list, whoa mamma you had best be bringing the heat. Luckily for you, we can confirm said “heat” hasĀ been brought’n.

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Considering for a moment just the sheer volume of sexy pictures 2013 provided, you can imagine how long this took us to sort out. Yes it was fun (and at times distracting) but it was also somewhat difficult. That’s why it was important for us to put our favorites aside so that we could impartially determine which photos had dropped your jaws more.

But enough with all these words. Let’s get to why you’re here: The 50 Sexiest Photo Shoots of 2013.

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