Detroit Redwings Fan Sets 2014 “Videobomb Fail” Bar Very High [VIDEO]

If this video of a Red Wings fan during a live news broadcast has any say in the matter, 2014 will be a great year for videobomb fails. Honestly when 2013 first rolled around, there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about. But 2014 is a whole other beast entirely.

So far there’s been no shortage of fun stories or trends to talk about. Whether we’re bringing you the best in Turkey Attacks videos (a lock-in for 2014 trends) or wild concerts, it’s almost as if the world is apologizing for a kind of crappy 2013.

Speaking of apologies, this guy owes all the young kids an explanation for why he’s wearing grey socks with dark shoes. That’s a total fashion faux-pas. Not that he was expecting to go head over heels or anything when he put on his clothes, but all the same you need to be prepared.

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