Exploding Russian Tire Turns Mechanic Into Cartoon Character [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what it would look like if the staff of COED opened up a garage? We’re thinking that the average workday would pretty much look like this video, in which a regular guy in Russia gets a little distracted and lets a tire get way too overinflated. Although we like to think that our day would have us being distracted by Candace Swanepoel stopping by to get her chassis adjusted, instead of us being extra goofy and almost being fatally thrown through the air while checking out the ass of a fat male coworker.

Not that we’re making any judgments here–especially when it comes to Russian mechanics who can survive being flipped way up into the air. If that had been us, we would’ve ended up silhouetted against the moon like we had E.T. sitting in our lap.

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