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Ronda Rousey Is Still UFC Bantamweight Champion [PHOTOS]

ronda-rousey-ufc title fight

Ronda Rousey used one of her infamous armbars to win a UFC bantamweight title fight against opponent Miesha Tate on Saturday night–which means one of the biggest rivalries in the Ultimate Fighting Championships just got more…um, rivalryier. Ronda wrapped things up justĀ 58 seconds into the third round, too.

Miesha Tate had recently put up a good fight for a video game title, but Rousey’s big win is also good publicity for her upcoming turn in the next Fast & Furious movie. We’d like to congratulate Ronda, but we’re mostly inspired to check out some hot pics that’ll remind us all that Ronda Rousey is also the UFC‘s most pugnacious pin-up princess…

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