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2013: The Year In Celebrity Booty [PHOTOS]

“Looking back” on 2013 will never get sexier than it will with our roundup of the finest celebrity booty photos/moments from the past year.

Readers might recall that we’ve already named 2013 “The Year of Celebrity Sideboob” (with “Celebrity¬†Cleavage” coming in close second), so that leaves just enough room on the podium for “Celebrity Booty” to place third.

Obviously women like Emily Ratajkowski, Paulina Gretzky, Anastasia Ashley and the women of Spring Breakers (yes that was this year) might have an issue with coming in third considering all that they’ve done for the Gluteus Maximus this year… Butt these are the kinds of tough decisions we have to make here at COED.

How’d we do with our rankings? Check out these hot photos below and let us know which type of photo (Cleavage, Sideboob, Butt) you think should be #1 in the comments below.

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