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Watch Candice Swanepoel Shake It On Instagram [VIDEOS]

Candice Swanepoel posted these videos to her Instagram account while on a Victoria’s Secret shoot in Turks and Caicos. The post says that this is “what happens when we get bored in Turks and Caicos..dress up and dance.” So our wildest dreams are confirmed. When Victoria’s Secret models get bored, they do dress up and do sexy things even when they’re off the clock. It’s true! She was so bored that she made three videos.

Let’s hope that the rest of her time in Turks and Caicos is just as dull and boring as it was when she made these videos. There’s probably a good chance that she will get bored again. It’s only natural. How exciting can it be to sit there and have your photo taken all day on a gorgeous beach? I guess we’ll never know.

via Instagram

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