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Stuff The Intern Forgot: “Rounders 2,” Shaq In Court & More [Links]

“Rounders 2” Is Happening

I’ve been waiting for a Rounders sequel since 1998. Finally, after leaving Miramax in 2005, film producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein are back with the company and already making plans for the next Rounders. According to Extra Mustard, the new film will begin in Paris and ultimately lead Matt Damon and Edward Norton to the racetracks in Vegas. As for the villain, Robert De Niro is rumored to take the place of John Malkovich…which I am totally OK with.

Now scope this other interesting stuff that our early-vacationing intern forgot to post…


This Arnold Compilation Is By Far The Manliest Thing You’ll See Today [Egotastic]


I Want That [The Chive]


Bar Of The Week: Feijoa, Amsterdam [Maxim]


Shaunie O’Neal Shut Down In Court. Score One For Shaq [TMZ]


The Jay And Dan Podcast: The Super Christmas Extravaganza! [Fox Sports]

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