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Sonja Van Den Heever Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Sonja Van Den Heever is a sexy South African new model who should be on your radar. Where in South Africa she’s from, we have absolutely no idea but we can tell you where she’s been–most recently you can find her in June’s 2013’s issue of FHM South Africa.

She’s represented by Next Model Management (where we first saw her), so you can be sure that she’s getting good looks from photographers and brands but that doesn’t explain why she’s gotten so little work this far. Sonja is an absolute hottie. And while it takes more than just good looks to make in fashion, we think Sonja is a 10.

Maybe it’s the fact that South Africa has too many blonde models. If that’s the case, Sonja, come to NYC. We’ll give you the bed.

Age: 21 | Nationality: South Africa

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