Alabama Fan Diner Stiffs Auburn Fan Waiter: We Believe This One

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Auburn Alabama Stiffed Tip

We know that everyone should be suspicious about any restaurant receipt going viral nowadays–especially when it involves a waiter (or waitress) getting stiffed. There have been two examples just recently of allegedly stiffed restaurant staffers who end up looking more like blatant liars. (See here and here.) There seems to be good money in it, too. Still, some of us here at COED are proud Southerners, and we think it’s totally believable that the above restaurant receipt really and truly happened.

In case you missed it, there was a big college football game this weekend between Auburn University and the University of Alabama–which are legendary rivals in Alabama football. It was a big deal. And it’s absolutely believable that a dedicated UA fan would stiff a waiter who made the mistake of claiming allegiance to Auburn University within earshot of the table. Speaking of shots–we’d say this waiter got off kind of easy.

We also know that the waiter here got the last laugh. The proud Auburn fan might have been stiffed $4.50 (we think–math is hard), but the waiter (or waitress) sure had a better weekend than the disgruntled customer. We guess you could say things tipped in the waiter’s favor. Yes. You could say that, and probably say just as confidently that this is the most bonafide stiffed waiter that we’ve seen in a while.