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Behold The Whitest Touchdown Dance You Will Ever See

It’s so white it’s almost translucent.

Saturday Night Live dance moves should have probably went the way of the Dodo when Disco ended its run. There’s really no excuse for someone to be serious and cut that sort of rug, especially on the NFL football field. But Joseph Fauria of the Detroit Lions ignored all social stigmas yesterday as he busted out his best John Travolta impression after scoring a touchdown.

Unfortunately, the tight end’s moves probably did more harm than good for his team. Shortly after Fauria, the the then 2-8 (now 3-8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers answered with a go ahead score and never looked back in beating the heavily favored Lions in their own dome. Can the blame be solely directed on Fauria embarrassing all Caucasians everywhere? Probably not, but it certainly didn’t help.

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