Ke$ha on the American Music Awards [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Ke$ha at theĀ American Music Awards

(8:00 PM EST, ABC)

Pitbull is hosting the American Music Awards tonight on ABC, and he’s promising a live performance of “Timber” with Ke$ha–who, in case you’ve been avoiding pop music, has enjoyed plenty of success duetting with her fellow pop star on the country-influenced track. It’s not a bad song. There’s a sample of Lee Oskar on harmonica that’s really kind of neat. There’s a video coming out soon, too, which is always vital for any kind of project involving a sexy new singer like Ke$ha.

We’d make a big deal out of Ke$ha sharing too much via reality shows and such, but that’s really what pop stars do nowadays. It’s certainly no problem to get plenty of hot pics of Ke$ha via Instagram and other outlets. In fact, Ke$ha puts out so many pics that you have to sort through a lot of awkward pics. Ke$ha is no classic beauty, but that’s a lot of her charm. She can look like a glamour model or just a regular gal at the mall. She’s still alluring enough that we’re perfectly happy to mine a hot Top 40 (okay, 42) of Ke$ha’s sexiest photos.

We’ve already referred to Ke$ha as a new singer, but she’s really been around long enough for “Timber” to be a much-needed comeback after last year’s Warrior kind of fizzled. Ke$ha needed a hit while she’s in the midst of reorganizing her own career. She needs to sort out whether she’s a rocker or a rapper, for example. Ke$ha can’t seem to manage both–but she manage being a sex symbol easily enough, as you’ll appreciate with this rockin’ gallery…

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