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Jessica Lowndes’ Sexiest Instagram Photos [32 PICS]

Jessica Lowndes was one of the only reasons you should have been watching the revamped version of 90210. So now that the show’s over you, the good news is that you can still catch her in all her glory (without the stupid storylines) on her Instagram page (@jessicalowndes). FYI, now would be the best time to start following her because it seems like Jessica’s doing her best to prove to her ex-boyfriend Thom Evans that she’s doing just fine without him.

Point and case: this bikini photo she posted yesterday that everyone’s going crazy for. Of course if you had listened to us when we included Jessica on our list of Sexiest Canadians, this would be old news to you.

She’s now living in Los Angeles which means that there are plenty of opportunities to take sexy selfies in the sun and with other models/actresses. Being some of her biggest fans, we pulled the best of the best from her Instagram account for you below.

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