David Blaine Does Card Trick For Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston [VIDEO]

If you’ve been wondering what Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been up to since Breaking Bad ended, it looks like they’ve been going to magic shows.

On Tuesday David Blaine has a special on ABC called Real or Magic. As a promo, he hung out with Cranston, Paul and three good looking women to do some card tricks. You can watch this video a bunch of times, and you can’t see Blaine do anything suspicious with his hands. You also can’t see what happened before the clip started, and Cranston and Paul are both award winning actors. So what do you think? Real or Magic?

Obviously it isn’t actually magic, but it’s still cool to watch. It’s also fun to see Aaron Paul lose his mind over a magic trick. If David Blaine could do his whole special just for Aaron Paul, we’d definitely check it out.

via YouTube

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