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Kaysha Fitzgerald Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Kaysha is a hot Australian glamour model who should definitely be on your radar. Last week’s radar feature on Rachel Burr did so well we thought that we’d follow up with a fellow blonde Aussie, Kaysha. She was just featured as the cover girl of the weekly issue of ZOO Magazine which cleverly titled her a “Rack of All Trades.” I swear that’s the best pun I’ve heard all day.

In addition to her recent ZOO feature (found here), you can find Kaysha on Playboy’s Miss Social Contest. She should have a good head start on some of the competition as she’s already visited the Playboy Mansion for their annual Midsummer Night’s Eve Party.

Check out here photos below.

Age: 21 | Nationality: Australian | Measurements: 36-26-35

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