Isabel Lucas and Her Bikini Probably Broke Up The Jonas Brothers [VIDEO]

So ┬álet’s say that you’re Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers (gay rumors aside) and you just made a movie that features Isabel Lucas walking around in a bikini. Would you be in a hurry to go on the road with your siblings and be screamed at by adoring jailbait? No. You would not. Think about that as you look at this pic of Isabel Lucas in the upcoming movie Careful What You Wish For

It all makes sense now, right? The Jonas Brothers are breaking up and becoming mere Jonas brothers just as Nick decides to shake up his image by making a (kind of teen-ish) erotic thriller. We hope this move works out better for him than 1993’s Blown Away did for Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. But the main topic of discussion here should be Isabel Lucas, who certainly transformed our fallen inseams while appearing in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The awesome Aussie model has been working steadily in the cinemas ever since, and we’re certainly impressed by her work….

Of course, her greatest artistic contribution may be inspiring the end of the Jonas Brothers. That’s our conspiracy theory, and we’re sticking to it. Now check out some additional pics of the alluring Isabel that’ll get you eager to see Nick (and her) on the big screen–along with the first teaser video for the new movie, to see that bikini moving in real life. We’d ask Hollywood to cast Isabel in a movie with Justin Bieber next, but Justin can’t break up with himself–can he? We’re pretty sure there’s an amoeba joke to be made there somewhere…

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