Here’s What Can Happen When A Woman Thinks It’s OK To Punch A Man [VIDEO]

This past weekend, a video of a fight at Totnes Grill in England went viral. While there are tons of fights that get uploaded to YouTube, what made this particular video so interesting and shareable (600k+ views) is that it features a woman kicking a man in the nuts and punching him in the face–a man who seconds later pushes her through a single-pane glass window.

Newsflash people! If you attack a man who’s nearly twice your size, you might want to make sure that you can escape the scene quickly. If you can’t escape the scene quickly, then you’ll definitely want to ensure that you’re not backed up against glass. Finally, if you’re backed up against the glass and you do get attacked make sure that you start crying immediately afterwards because that’s a great way to seem like a victim.

According to news reports, the man was arrested shortly after the incident.

Perhaps by favorite bit from the whole ordeal comes from some commentor here in the United States:

“I am tired of all of these women hating pigs from reddit and 4chin. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right. The man should of defended himself but at the same time he has no right to push a 15 year old girl through a glass window. He made her cry.

Luckily, this happened in Europe. If this happened in America, you could garuntee this guy would get a bullet in the back of his head. Why? Because my conseal carry license gives me the right to defend women from men like this guy. He would never hurt again.”

And then the fight that you see start to happen outside around 0:45.

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