United Sandwiches of America: The Best Bites from Every State [Photos]

Today is the birthday of Earl of Sandwich which means that today is National Sandwich Day!

It’s odd to think that the sandwich is something that needed inventing, but we’re very thankful for the English nobleman who had the genius idea to put bread, meat and cheese into a compact, portable and delicious package. We don’t even want to imagine what the world would look like today if the sandwich had not been invented. It would probably be a horrible place with tables too cluttered with sandwich ingredients because no one knew how to combine them efficiently.

Thankfully, someone did invent the sandwich and mankind has been improving on it ever since. Although the sandwich may have been invented in England, we Americans may be the best sandwich innovators in the world. No matter where you are in this country, you’re not too far from a delicious, mouth-watering sandwich. To celebrate this day, we’ve found 51 of the country’s best sandwiches, one from each state and Washington D.C. If you haven’t done so already, go out and stuff your face today.

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    1. Benji Greenlee says:

      you really need to try the cougar burger at Boo's Market in Potosi, Missouri… it's freaking delicious and it's buffalo meat, something I didn't see on your list and way better than what you posted, guaranteed lol

    2. Jimbo says:

      you're high off your ass if you don't think the sandwich for PA is a cheesesteak. And the fact that for Delaware you picked the right restaurant (Capriotti's) but the wrong sandwich (The Bobbi) is absurd.

    3. Chris Leddy says:

      Considering that Jumpin Jays in Portmsouth New Hampshire isn't open for lunch, and doesn't have any sandwiches on their menu, I'm thinking you may have been duped

    4. roy says:

      this list sucks no way thats the best sandwich in Colorado. looks gross

    5. josh says:

      i can think of 1000 better sandwiches in nh

    6. Tom Z says:

      Originally from Mass, but Lived in Denver for 10 years…never been to Verts or heard of it but I'm not sure how the regular turkey sandwich is listed as the best in the state? I will agree with the Mass selection for La Grassa's, but there are far better sando selections in CO…Like Snarf's Prime Rib for example.

    7. jeex says:

      wanna them all<img src="; width="1">

    8. Tracy says:

      A torta is the best sandwich in Illinois? Okay…I can think of ten better off the top of my head and I live in Arizona!

    9. sh*tyeah says:

      Uhhh where is Zunzi's Conquistador for Georgia??

    10. Guest says:

      While the duck confit sandwich from Duckfat in Portland Maine is awesome the pork belly sandwich and the beef tounge ruben from Duckfat are even better.

    11. PA and cheesesteak. It writes itself. Giving the cheesesteak to Delaware is a serious offense.

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