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10 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck [10/25 – 10/27]

How great is this weekend? Well, it’s pretty damn great. We’re looking at a new movie from the Jackass empire, a new tour from a few fine heavy-metal acts, and a chance to visit with some of the weirdest horror icons around. We’re also planning to go check out an art film–and we’re thinking that it’s the kind of art film that will hold any guy’s attention. Oh, and we’ll also be doing a little dancing to some frantic electronic music. Did we mention dogs in costumes? Yeah, we’re looking at dogs in costumes. To be honest, though, we might be a little more excited over the cosplay at the horror convention. Anyway, get an idea of what we’re up to as we go into the weekend before Halloween–which sure won’t suck, either…

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