College Football 2013 Week 8: Cheerleader Edition

It’s crazy to think that we’re already more than halfway through the regular season of college football. I feel like it was just yesterday (during the preseason) when people were predicting how Jadeveon Clowney would be a Heisman candidate for sure. Whoops. Yet, here we are already at Week 8. Since there’s not much time left let’s get right into it.

So I guess it’s clear that from a neutral perspective the most-anticipated game will be between Florida State University and Clemson. Both teams are in the ACC and ranked within the Top 5 (not a sentence we’re used to typing). Must-watch games also include (12) Georgia @ Vanderbilt, (22) Florida @ (14) Mizzou, and (24) Auburn @ (7) Texas A&M

Since I batted .1000 with last weekend’s upset prediction I’ll get a little cocky this week: Don’t sleep on UNC winning the Thursday night game. Since they’ve had a bye week to prepare for today I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that they’ll pull out a win.

But this post isn’t about upset wins or favorites when it comes to football. It’s about the cheerleaders. Like a coach for his freshman QB, we like to keep it simple.


(10) Miami at North Carolina

(7:30 PM | ESPN)


UCF at (8) Louisville

(8:00 PM | ESPN)


(11) South Carolina at Tennessee

(12:00 PM | ESPN)

(15) Georgia at Vanderbilt

(12:00 PM | CBS)

(16) Texas Tech at West Virginia

(12:00 PM | FOX Sports 1)

TCU at (21) Oklahoma State

(12:00 PM | FOX)

(22) Florida at (14) Missouri

(12:21 PM)

(23) Northern Illinois at Central Michigan

(3:00 PM)

Iowa at (4) Ohio State

(3:00 PM | ABC/ESPN 2)

(24) Auburn at (7) Texas A&M

(3:30 PM | CBS)

(9) UCLA at (13) Stanford

(3:30 PM | ABC/ESPN 2)