NFL Cheerleaders Dressed For Halloween Look Killer [PHOTOS]

NFL Cheerleaders love to switch up their outfits for various holidays or events–most of you witnessed this last week when they all dressed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But as far as we’re concerned, our favorite change has yet to come…

For the two weeks before Halloween you can expect to see the NFL’s hottest rocking various costumes that vary from FBI (Female Body Inspector) to Native Americans (don’t expect to see this on any Redskins cheerleaders any time soon) to referees (not as exciting).

We don’t have the scoop on what each of the sexy squads are going to wear this year but we can give you a taste of years past. Here are our favorite Halloween costumes worn by NFL Cheerleaders on the field.



    1. Vivamexico says:

      thumbs up<img src="; width="1">

    2. Ralph DeMattia says:

      I plan to go to several parties dressed in a basketball uniform. When people ask me what I'm supposed to be I'm going to say "The rarest of all antiques. A WHITE basketball player>"

    3. shana says:

      Some of these girls really need to see themselves in these pics and loose their belly weight/ fat.

    4. kevin says:

      you are correct Ralph, for someone who's job it is to be hot, some of them are NOT!

    5. Eagle275 says:

      Now, these fine specimens would make a dead man get up and walk!

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