Best Boob Cakes for Cake Decorating Day

If you haven’t already heard, it’s National Cake Decorating Day. We know, we know, it’s a lot of sugar for one week so far. Not only was yesterday National Dessert Day, when we showed you the craziest record-breaking sweets, today we rounded up the most baller cakes to celebrate the occasion. So what is better than eating a mountain of sweets and cake? Putting your head down and motor-boating the craziest boob cakes around!

Great breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes for boob cakes. From lingerie to swimsuits, flashers and corsets, we found the best on the web for you in the gallery below. These bakers are some mighty talented folk, so please show them some love in the comments!

  • Amanda GabrieleCOED Writer