20 Fantastic Fantasy Cakes for Cake Decorating Day

Did you know that October 15th is National Cake Decorating Day? Yeah. It comes right after we celebrate¬†National Dessert Day. We guess they want you to get really stuffed with all kinds of desserts so that you won’t bother bakers so much on National Cake Decorating Day. And by “they,” we mean the International Baking Cabal. Anyway, cake decorating isn’t just for the professionals. There are also lots of amateurs who roll up their sleeves and create real masterpieces. These have to be done by amateurs because too many bakeries don’t understand the language of video games, horror movies, and other geekery.

That’s why we’re whipping up this fine gallery of regular folks (and maybe a few professionals) who’ve decorated cakes featuring some of our favorite icons of fantasy. And sci-fi, and some horror–and there’s one in there that technically doesn’t fit in, but we think it’s a great fantasy to combine our favorite dinner and dessert in one delicious serving. Check it out, and…well, we were going to say not to try this at home, but you probably should. Just keep the first few tries to yourself…

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