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Xenia Deli Modeling For Maddam In Paradise [PHOTOS]

We usually like to leave you guys with an awesome girl post at the end of the day, and since I accidentally published today’s “On Your Radar” a little bit early, you the benefit of new Xenia Deli photos in your blog roll. She’s modeling for Maddam Underwear.

My mistake actually works out perfectly because Xenia’s one of our office favorites–her only hangup is that I feel like we have to wait months between her shoots. The last time we got to post on her was in June!

Then there are women like Candice and Nina who get VS photos released every other day. If you ask me it’s kind of unfair. The big underwear companies should us in their decision-making, I feel like we’d be pretty fair in who got what.

Also, we’d forgo a lot of the photoshopping, which is a memo that apparently Maddam Underwear didn’t receive. Still, Xenia’s looking pretty good.

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