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40 No Bra GIFs for No Bra Day 2013

Regardless of what your plans were this Sunday, make sure you get to spend some time outdoors because it’s going to be No Bra Day. Yes, this is a real thing that our Founding Fathers fought for.

Actually, just kidding. Our Founding Fathers actually fought to free us from taxation without representation but “No Bra Day” is a new idea this year designed to draw awareness to breast cancer (much like our 60 Best Natural Breasts post). Obviously taking off your bra or staring at a braless woman isn’t going to do much for cancer research so if you feel like actually doing something productive, donate to the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation here.

We’re hoping that the founders of this newly-created No Bra Day aren’t stepping on the toes of National No Bra Day, which rests on July 9th.

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