This Alabama Fan Must Have a Heart of Douche

Roll Douche!

Hopefully this isn’t the same fan who spent his life savings putting a giant elephant on top of his Volkswagen Beetle because he won’t be able to afford the ticket for parking in the handicapped spot. It’s never really acceptable to park in that space when you’re not disabled, but it’s even less acceptable to have a YOLO license plate in any situation. Unless the driver is indeed a 12-year-old girl.

Let’s just hope it’s not one of the beautiful cheerleaders that conquer the sidelines for the #1 team in America. That would be a shame.



    1. stateman says:

      There could have been a placard hanging off the rearview mirror

      1. Dave says:

        My thoughts exactly. Seems like an obvious thing to include in the camera shot…unless they are lying of course (but no one on the internet would do that, would they?)

        The YOLO plate is still douchey, so I have to give them that.

      2. guest says:

        The only douche is the author- YOLO means "You Only Live Once"

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