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11 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [10/7 – 10/10]

Here we are, sitting in the office on another Monday morning, and we’re trying to figure out every possible way to make the workweek fly. And from a music festival to one of NYC’s best haunted houses, we have 11 reasons why this week won’t suck right here.

We toured Blood Manor this weekend, and you will not want to miss all the gory scares this haunted house has to offer. Albums from both Pusha T and Sleigh Bells are dropping this week if you haven’t heard them streaming yet. Curse of Chucky comes out on DVD so you can get into the Halloween spirit and home, or you can grab The Lifeguard starring Kristen Bell if you’re more interested in looking at a pretty face than a creepy doll. Grab your lady and take her on a date to see The Weeknd at Radio City Music Hall if you’re looking to get laid, or rock out with some amazing music and film at the CBGB Festival. And if you’re nerdy like us, get in on all the action at New York Comic Con. Check out these happenings and more in the gallery below.

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