The 60 Best Natural Breasts Of 2013 For Breast Cancer Awareness Month [PHOTOS]

If all the pink NFL wristbands and penalty flags weren’t enough to alert you that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve got something that’s sure to draw your attention. It’s time for our annual review of the best natural breasts of 2013.

A few months ago, Angelina Jolie made the news for having a masectomy–an operation that was more preventative than anything. And while we’re obviously happy that she’s taking care of herself, we were a little bummed out that we’d have to find a replacement for #54 of 2012’s “Best Natural Breasts” list.

The good news is that 1) Angelina’s now safe and 2) 2013 was pretty stacked with new and all-natural talent so we had little difficulty replacing her.

Most of the names you’ve probably seen or heard of before, but keep an eye out for some faces and chests you might not recognize.

Also remember to do your part and consider donating to the Susan G. Koman for the cure Foundation here.

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                                                                                                                                  60 - Selena Gomez copy59 - Christina Hendricks copy58 - Natalie Portman copy

#60 Selena Gomez, #59 Christina Hendricks, #58 Natalie Portman

                                                                                                               57 - Elisha Cuthbert copy56 - Kat Dennings copy55 - Lindsay Lohan copy

#57 Elisha Cuthbert, #56 Kat Dennings, #55 Lindsay Lohan

54 - Charlotte McKinney copy53 - Megan Good copy52 - Sophie Howard

#54 Charlotte McKinney, #53 Megan Good, #52 Sophie Howard

51 - Candice Swanepoel copy50 - Olivia Munn copy49 - Lauren Hanley copy

#51 Candice Swanepoel, #50 Olivia Munn, #49 Lauren Hanley

48 - Cintia Dicker copy47 - Xenia Deli copy46 - Holly Peers copy

#48 Cintia Dicker, #47 Xenia Deli, #46 Holly Peers

45 - Shay Maria copy44 - Carla Gugino copy43 - Amanda Seyfried copy

#45 Shay Maria, #44 Carla Gugino, #43 Amanda Seyfried

42 - Elisabetta Canalis copy41 - Eva Mendes copy40 - Emily Blunt copy

#42 Elisabetta Canalis, #41 Eva Mendes, #40 Emily Blunt

39 - Ashley Greene copy38 - Minka Kelly copy37 - Alice Eve copy

#39 Ashley Greene, #38 Minka Kelly, #37 Alice Eve

36 - Daisy Lowe copy35 - Emma Frain copy34 - Natasha Oakley copy

#36 Daisy Lowe, #35 Emma Frain, #34 Natasha Oakley

33 - Eva Green copy-232 - Eva Amurri copy31 - Monica Belluci copy

#33 Eva Green, #32 Eva Amurri, #31 Monica Belluci

30 - Jess Greenberg copy29 - Ashley Benson copy28 - Jessica Alba copy

#30 Jess Greenberg, #29 Ashley Benson, #28 Jessica Alba

27 - Anne Hathaway copy26 - Keeley Hazell copy25 - Rosie Jones copy

#27 Anne Hathaway, #26 Keeley Hazell, #25 Rosie Jones

                                                                                                                                          24 - Jennifer Lawrence copy23 - Kim Kardashian copy22 - Amber Heard copy

#24 Jennifer Lawrence, #23 Kim Kardashian, #22 Amber Heard

21 - Holly Willoughby copy20 - Devin Brugman copy19 - Tyra Banks copy

#21 Holly Willoughby, #20 Devin Brugman, #19 Tyra Banks

                                                                                                                                         18 - Haley King copy17 - Brooklyn Decker copy16 - Valerie Van Der Graaf copy

#18 Haley King, #17 Brooklyn Decker, #16 Valerie Van Der Graaf

15 - Irina Shayk copy14 - Jennifer Love Hewitt copy13 - Dioara Baird copy

#15 Irina Shayk, #14 Jennifer Love Hewitt, #13 Dioara Baird

12 - Bar Refaeli copy11 - Scarlett Johansson copy10 - Miley Cyrus copy

#12 Bar Refaeli, #11 Scarlett Johansson, #10 Miley Cyrus

9 - Melissa Debling copy8 - Kelly Brook copy7 - Sofia Vergara copy

#9 Melissa Debling, #8 Kelly Brook, #7 Sofia Vergara

                                                                                                                                         6 - Katy Perry copy5 - Genevieve Morton copy4 - Lucy Pinder copy

#6 Katy Perry, #5 Genevieve Morton, #4 Lucy Pinder

                                                                                                                                         3 - Alison Brie copy2 - Kate Upton copy1 - Emily Ratajkowski copy

#3 Alison Brie, #2 Kate Upton, #1 Emily Ratajkowski

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    1. @kish1536 says:

      No chance in hell that Miley is in the top 60 in this group, let alone the top ten. What crackpots made this list up?

    2. Lilliput says:

      Kate Upton <3<img src="; width="1">

    3. Everclear says:

      Right off the bat:

      #59: Christina Hendricks
      #58 Natalie Portman

      List invalidated.

    4. fng says:

      wtf is MIley Cyrus…. WTF!

    5. Arsonist says:

      The fact that miley cyrus is above christina hendricks makes me want to burn down this building

    6. rahul says:

      kate upon should be no. 1!!!

    7. mike says:

      Miley Cyrus is above Scar Joh!!!!! fucks up the whole list

    8. Mike says:

      WTF is Miley doing there???

    9. Joe says:

      Kim K has natural breasts? What planet is the author living on????

      1. nycbass says:

        She wears spanks and is short but those are real.

    10. not blind says:

      What retarded SOB's made up this list? You need your eyes burned out!

    11. SnapDragon says:

      Sophia Vergara's knockers are far from "natural." There were pictures of her floating around from about 15 years ago and she was a large C-cup. They aren't any less spectacular because of this , but they're definitely fake.

      1. Darg says:

        Same for Christina Hendricks, there's an old Playboy shoot where she had respectable C or D-cups but nothing close to the gargantuan bra busters she's sporting now.

    12. Max says:

      #1, Emily Ratajkowski, those are fake, you can see the scars in the video.

    13. You're all high says:

      Miley doesn't even belong on this list. Ever. Neither does Lindsay Lohan, nor does Kim Kardashian, nor does Cintia Dicker. Emily Ratajkowski has nice cans, but they are far from worthy of the #1 spot.

      Remove this list and try again, preferably sober.

    14. Justin says:

      Kaley Cuoco. Small but pretty.

    15. Jeff says:

      This list sucks.. I could've come up with a much better list… Put some better effort into these things!

    16. Super says:

      Remove 60 58 and 55..Then number 1 starts at the top.

    17. M.T.B> says:

      Miley "Ho Bag" Cyrus is on this list? ABOVE SCAR JOH!!!!? WHO SHOULD BE FIRST!!!? Who is this jack off that made this list?

    18. DJarizona says:

      LiLo's are NOT real. She got implants when she was around 17 I think.

      1. Chance says:

        not true. look it up

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