Streaking During PGA Events Need To Become A Thing [PHOTOS]


God Bless America. This woman decided to show off her USA spirit and her goods by rushing the fairways in almost her birthday suit. Not sure why she did it, but that’s not even the issue. The real problem is why doesn’t this stuff happen more in professional golf? If these Happy Gilmore-type antics occurred on a regular basis the PGA would more popular than the XFL ever tried to be. We would definitely approve.

PGA Tour veteran Fred Couples looks like he would approve, too.

Oh, and team USA was victorious, too. It’s a good day to be an American.



    1. Emma says:

      PGA is way too classy to have this happen at every event. And by the way it is popular- it doesn't need naked girls to make it popular for the wrong reasons.

    2. Cameron says:

      I'm sorry Emma, but i have to disagree with you. Golf is about as popular as boxing is anymore. People have moved on to newer things. I.e. people went from boxing to MMA now. Golf used to be interesting when there were great golfers, but i have yet to see one since Tiger made his move back in the day.

      But i do agree that there does not need to be more naked girls. It does show how idiotic some people can be these days, and how they have to publicly embarrass themselves just to get attention.

      1. bertdeuce says:

        back in the day? Really, you must be a teenager. Oh well, just one more ninny not in front of my group on Saturday, fore!

    3. Ole Shep says:

      Technically this was not a 'streak' but was more appropriately a 'skimp.' A streak implies total nudity and this young woman was wearing a thong which is typical fare on most European and South American beaches these days. If fading actresses and singers can use "wardrobe malfunctions" as publicity grabs I see no reason that golf should not use something like it too. Of course they have to use female stand-ins because most professional golfers are middle aged men whose bodies are not exactly hunky anymore.

      I don't mean to sound sexist but lets face it the female body is much more attractive than the male physique on average. In the sixties it was mostly guys doing the streaking and fortunately that practice faded fairly quickly simply because most folks thought it was just gross; funny but gross. LOL

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