Say Hello to the Burglar Who was Caught Because He Left Feces in the Home He was Robbing

Genius, really. Why go through the trouble wiping down your fingerprints at the scene of the crime when you can just leave a steaming pile of crap on the floor for the DNA experts? Some next level criminal stupidity.

On January 23, 2012, Charles Williams broke into a home and stole gaming equipment, clothing and a bb gun, totaling more than $1,000. Before he left, he relieved himself in the family’s toilet while also leaving behind used pieces of toilet paper on the floor. The bathroom tissues were used to extract Williams’ DNA, which lead to his arrest.

For his next burglary, Charles Williams plans on leaving an autographed mugshot and current address at the crime scene, too. Whatever makes it easiest for the authorities.

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JohnCOED Writer