October 3, 2013: 40 Pics for Neve Campbell Turning (Yeah) 40

Here’s a forgotten part of getting ready to celebrate Halloween–the birthday of Neve Campbell, who turned on the 1990s with her role as the very literal Scream Queen in the film franchise Scream. The brooding brunette became a movie star in the 1996 hit that also launched a horror revival that hasn’t slowed down since. Sadly, that can’t be said of Neve Campbell’s career. The sultry Canadian sure deserves to be remembered as she turns 40 years old today–making a lot of folks feel old in the process.

Neve’s real big break was the FOX television show Party of Five. The former Canadian ballerina played a teen orphan being raised by older sibling Matthew Fox, along with younger sister Lacy Chabert and brother Scott Wolf. It was a decent hit after launching in 1994. That allowed Neve to make her proper big-screen debut as part of a high-school witches’ coven in 1996’s The Craft. America wasn’t going to ignore the movie poster’s with sultry actresses in schoolgirl outfits–although Neve spent most of the movie under lots of clothing as a gal with body issues.

Nobody has an issue with Neve’s body in Scream, and then she grew up fast with 1998’s Wild Things. The kinky thriller is full of great performances–including a forgotten turn by Bill Murray–but most people walked away talking about the amazing lesbian catfight between Neve and Denise Richards. It remains one of the great grindhouse movies of the ’90s. Neve followed that up with the underseen ’70s disco epic 54, which also contains a great lost performance by Mike Myers.

Unfortunately, not even this bubble-bath scene could get audiences to watch the lame romantic comedy Three to Tango

Neve didn’t have any better luck with the ensemble comedy Drowning Mona, although the movie includes an awkward lesbian kiss. Party of Five fooled around with pairing Neve’s character with a writing instructor played by Olivia d’Abo, too. Neve’s strong features just seem to get creative types wanting her in bed with women. That would have been a perfectly legitimate career path. Instead, Neve wrapped up the ’90s with her show coming to an end and Scream 3 set for theaters. Neve began to concentrate on indie projects and pretty much gave up looking for stardom until Scream 4 came along in 2011.

That entry in the Scream quadrilogy ¬†was a box-office disappointment–and an artistic one, too, since the franchise missed a great chance to be artsy instead of predictable. Since then, Neve’s flirted with a few television comebacks, all of which would have been more memorable if she flirted with women. It’s kind of a shock to see the former professional teenager turning 40, but that’s why we call it Shocktober–and these pics will get you tingling, too…

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