Chargers And Cowboys Fans Settle Their Differences Off The Field In The Parking Lot [VIDEO]

Battle wasn’t settled enough on the gridiron? No worries. There’s always the gladiatorial setting known as the parking lot where beer fueled mayhem will decide the outcome of not only who is the better football team, but who is better at life.

Don’t think there has ever been a person who owns a Dez Bryant jersey who makes rational decisions on a regular basis. That includes Dez Bryant.



    1. Jim says:

      If this happened in Philly it would have been on CNN and World News tonight!! They would have broken into what ever show you were watching to tell you about Philly Fans fighting… But when it happens someplace else I guess it just doesn't sell…lol

    2. Mark - Tampa, FL says:

      Dallas fans have always been first in line to criticize Philly fans. People that live in Glass Houses…

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