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Woman Quits Taiwanese Animation Treatment Site With Kanye Dance [VIDEO]

Marina Shifrin works used to work for Next Media Animation, the company that developed all those Taiwanese Animation treatment videos you see everywhere.

This past Saturday was her last day at work but there’s a good chance that her bosses weren’t ready for her to leave because she gave her notice in the form of a YouTube video.

See, Marina was working crazy overtime hours for a company that she didn’t believe was doing the right thing. NMA cared more for number and views than they did about quality of content, a problem that many publishers face.

And while I 100% do not suggest airing out your laundry for the world to see, something about this video makes me smile a little bit. Maybe it’s the choice of song “Gone” by Kanye and Killa Cam’ron, maybe it’s the fact that she clearly knows what she’s doing, but it’s probably the fact that this is the one event that won’t get a Taiwanese Animation treatment.

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