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Breast Celebrity Boob Jobs [PHOTOS]


It’s no secret tons of Hollywood starlets undergo the knife to compete with outrageous beauty ideals. But some do it much more tastefully than others. Take celebrity breast implants, for example. Some end up looking like a circus freak show, and others you would never know if the details of their lives weren’t put on blast every five minutes. So we decided to round up a photo gallery of the best looking celeb augmentations from which all the other poorly done boob jobs should take a note.

Did you know supermodels like Adriana, Heidi and Gisele all had breast implants? And then there are the women like Halle Berry who don’t admit to having had work done, but before and after photos make us suspicious. No matter if you love them or not, these are the best looking celebrity breast implants around. Not seeing your favorite? Tell us who we missed and we’ll add to the gallery.

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