Paula Patton Stars In ‘Baggage Claim’ [Photos]

Paula Patton stars alongside Taye Diggs in the new comedy Baggage Claim, which opened in theaters this weekend. According to many reviews of her new movie, Paula Patton might be the best reason to go see Baggage Claim.

Although we haven’t seen the movie yet, we have no doubt that Paula Patton is the greatest reason to see the movie. The movie itself has already gotten somewhat lackluster reviews for being formulaic and predictable, but that dosn’t mean that it’s not worth going to. After all, Paula Patton is in it! Entertainment Weekly said that Patton is a “terrific actress” who “gives a luminous, thought-out performance.” Many of the reviews of the movie itself say that Baggage Claim is not a great movie, but they almost all agree that Patton is fantastic.

It seems like Paula Patton has mostly been in the news lately because of something that her husband Robin Thicke did. Remember when he may have hooked up with someone after he wore weird, Betelgeuse pants and sang next to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs several weeks ago. People still can’t stop talking about how crazy it was that a former Disney star did something risque on stage. It’s like they’ve already forgotten about Britney Spears. Patton has been consistently roped into that constant discussion, so it’s nice to see her getting in the news for something she actually did.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Paula Patton is pretty hot. OK, we take that back. She’s very hot. Don’t believe us? Look at these photos, dummy!

via E! Online

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    1. Sarah says:

      You are an idiot. Paula made it clear he was with her. Unless she became mentally retarded, I'm sure she knows if a man is with her or off tonguing another woman down a few feet in front of her. Also, in the scandalous photo he is holding a black clutch purse with a W ornament chain, not grabbing a woman's behind. It pays to have common sense instead of being a gullible fool who believes the delusional lies of a desperate woman seeking attention. Her running to the tabloids should have been your first clue she was lying #IJS So before you throw shade at her husband, know the facts beyond what the tabloids tell you. Secondly, she's black. Twerking is nothing to us. It isn't her fault that white people are slow. We have been doing that dance for decades. Everything involving her husband was a white person controversy. If anything, this should be his clue to go back to black community and leave y'all hateful muthafuckas alone.

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