September 26, 2013: Mayor Cory Booker Wakes Up To A Sex Scandal

A lot of Americans have learned that Cory Booker is a rising political star who might go from being the mayor of Newark to becoming a Senator from New Jersey. Today, however, Cory is making international news over Lynsie Lee. It turns out to be a bad idea for a politician to pal around with a stripper who has a busy Twitter account and an exhibitionistic streak. We mean, an exhibitionistic streak that’s unusual even for a stripper…

We don’t want to get too excited over the original Buzzfeed article about Cory and Lynsie. The site is trying to make a big deal over some flirty texts and Tweets. A lot of politicians end up with porn stars and other sordid types as Twitter followers. Some people run accounts where they automatically follow back all of their Twitter followers. And there really is a professional connection between Cory Booker and Lynsie Lee. They both appear in a documentary about Twitter.

Lynsie Lee Twitter ii

Other than that, though, they’re kind of different personalities. Cory Booker is seriously considered to be a future candidate for President of the United States. Lynsie Lee works at Casa Diablo, which everyone now knows is the finest vegan strip club in Portland, Oregon. You can check out the menu at their SFW website.

Lynsie Lee Twitter 3

This is actually a pretty good scandal for Booker, though. An offhand comment recently sparked rumors that the unmarried Senate candidate is gay. Also, he has a history of making up fictional friends. It was just a relief to see that Lynsie is real. Otherwise, Cory would be talking texting to himself…

Lynsie Lee Twitter txt

In fact, Lynsie is a real Corey fan. She was Twittering overnight to encourage people to donate to Corey’s campaign, and to mock the “inept” media for running with a non-story. But, to be fair, it’s pretty inept to ignore a dame like Lynsie…

lynsie lee 6

Lynsie seems like a pretty smart gal, too. Consider this fun thought from overnight….

Lynsie Lee Twitter i

She isn’t kidding about that award. Vote for her here. She sure deserves to win something. If nothing else, she’s easily Casa Diablo’s Employee of the Month. And while we respect Lynsie’s tweet about how she isn’t a fame whore, we certainly can’t blame her if she uses this semi-scandal to her benefit. As noted, she’s an international figure now. At this point, we’re thinking that Lynsie has really said it all with this Twitpic…

lynsie lee 5

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